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Best Rug for Kitchen

Washable cotton rugs and  PVC and or sisal are one of the many smart choices for a kitchen.

What Is the Right Rug for a Kitchen?

Area rugs serve a variety of functions in the kitchen. Perhaps you'd like a rug to go under your kitchen table, one to catch dirt at the kitchen door or a small rug to stand on while cooking or washing dishes. While there are plenty of rugs that work well in the kitchen, the rug that's right for your kitchen depends upon where you'll be placing it and on your kitchen's decor.

Under the Kitchen Table:       When choosing a rug to go under your kitchen table, a washable rug is a smart idea, especially if you have small children who are likely to spill their milk or drop their ketchup-covered hot dogs. Outdoor rugs are one option as you can take them outside and hose them off. If you choose a standard interior rug, select a cotton or synthetic rag rug, braided rug, Berber rug or other short-pile rug as they are easy to clean. Steer clear of shag rugs as their deep pile is a trap for spills and crumbs.

Doorway Rugs:      Placing a small rug at your kitchen door can cut down on the amount of dirt, mud, grass, rain and slush that is tracked into your home. In fact, some doorway rugs are specially made to absorb a great deal of water, which is handy if you have a pool or live in a rainy climate. Again, look for washable fabrics as these rugs can get dirty quickly if you have lots of in-and-out traffic.

Task Rugs:      If you have hard flooring in your kitchen, your feet, knees and back will thank you if you use task rugs. Place task rugs at the sink, stove or any other area where you frequently stand to provide a layer of cushioning. Some task rugs have memory foam core that provides a great deal of soothing cushioning for those with problem joints or anyone who stands for long periods.

Colour and Style:     While choosing a washable rug that serves its purpose is smart, select a rug that also goes well with your kitchen's colour scheme and decor. Braided rugs and rag rugs look charming in a country kitchen while sleek low-pile rugs in bold designs go well in a contemporary setting. Kitchens are typically fairly casual rooms. If yours happens to be formal, use an oriental rug made of man-made fibres, which will give you a traditional, formal look with the washability and durability a kitchen rug requires.

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