Carpet Overlocking

Carpet Overlocking

We provide service of carpets, mats and runner edge overlocking.

Use leftover pieces as colour coordinated rugs in a doorway, hallway or entrance to help reduce wear and tear on your newly installed carpet. or timber and tiles flooring.

How much will it cost to have my carpet overlocked?

Carpet overlocking is a very cost effective way to make use of your carpet remnants.
We charge by the lineal metre - ie. we measure around the perimeter of each mat.

Standard shapes (squares and rectangles) $7 per metre (running metre)

Large rugs (over 3.6mt sq) and joining - please note that a handling charge will apply.  

Non-standard shapes (such as campervan or boat mats) - we'll provide a quote when we see your template.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept cash, Credit Card and direct deposit into our bank account.

Turnover time: 2-5 days depend on size of a job.

Do you overlock old/used carpet?

Unfortunately we are not able to overlock used carpet as it contains harmful particles that can seriously damage our equipment and health.

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